contracting hops: A lullaby to ease a brewers bad dreams

Picture this:   You’re walking the brewery floor some uneventful morning, when suddenly your phone starts buzzing frantically.   A glance down informs you that the new, experimental beer that you created and quietly slipped onto the tasting menu has garnered the attention of countless craft brew hounds, and now that same goofy name that you gave it is trending.   After the brief wave of elation passes, you realize that you had only planned to make a small batch of it, after all, it was just an experiment. You only bought a 44 pound box of those hops, and maybe, just maybe, you hope, that hops grower has a few more on hand.   You call him, and he tells you that he’s out - out of them for rest of the season. Your head starts to spin as you look down at the lonely 2 pounds of hops you have left, part of the amazing experiment that has now become the most delicious nightmare you’ve ever crafted.      

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America, Cheers to Thee

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Reclaiming the Craft

When did brewing beer become a chore? I have fond memories of the days that I would roll out my custom 10 gallon brew deck into the backyard and spend the morning relishing in the aroma of malted barley and boiling hops. Spending the rest of that afternoon enjoying the spoils of last months brews and conversing with great friends.